Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pain in the Neck

Before last night, the only time I had seen The Exorcist was probably over a decade ago, when I wasn’t even in my teens, so a rewatch was needed. A few thoughts:

  • The exorcism scenes are actually by far the worst part of The Exorcist, with the religious mumbo-jumbo and over-the-top makeup (especially the tongue...?!). To quote French and Saunders, "Well, that's just one special effect too many, I'm afraid."
  • In other words: it's not your fault, Max von Sydow, but every scene your character is in sucks (c*cks in hell).
  • That being said, the 90 minutes in between are pretty great.
  • Spiderwalk! I had somehow totally forgotten about it.

As for my pick for the best shot(s)... I had to choose a moment from the hospital scene, because that's where the real horror happens:

The only way this could've possibly been more shudder-inducing is if they had stuck that thing in her eyeball instead.


  1. Those hospital scenes really are horrific. As I said in my post, they brought back images from "A Clockwork Orange" for me.

  2. this spiderwalk of which you draw attention was not in the version i saw. and i'm really glad it wasn't because I love that the devil never leaves the bedroom. subtext! :)

  3. I almost chose this exact scene--it makes me squirm like no other scene in the movie.